Departing New York City at the beginning of August and returning in the middle of November, the FREE FILM team will travel by road with converted mobile darkroom Airstream trailer to 18 cities across the country to distribute and process rolls of 35mm black and white film for free to anyone interested in participating in the project. Given a due date and the prompt phrase ‘red white and blue,’ participating photographers will have the opportunity to shoot their roll as an expression of what that means to them — the words, the phrase, the place, the dream, the reality.

Whether the photographer takes this opportunity to focus on their unique personal experiences that shape their life in America, or chooses to interpret the prompt more broadly by focusing on the tone, concept and connotations of the phrase ‘red, white and blue’, the end product will be an incredibly sincere amalgamation of different view points, forever saving these two short months of the USA in black and white film.

The project will be in Philadelphia Nov. 20 - 24